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A self portrait of me and my hubby.




My name is Linda and I'd like to personally thank you for taking the time to browse my website. I hope you love what you see here. I began creating custom photo birth announcements back in 2005 and then branched to other specialty cards including invitations and holiday cards (which are extremely unique). Please send me an email if you have any questions or would like to see a FREE proof with your photos.

I have the Canadian and US flag above because I am a citizen of both countries. I now live in Canada, but only a half hour from the US border. Also, with the current exchange rate I am able to offer the cards at par (in Canadian dollars) to my fellow Canadians.

I began creating these beautiful cards in May 2005. Before I had my children I had been an insurance broker for 10 years. I had finished years of schooling (Business classes in University and through the Insurance Institute of Canada). I obtained the 2nd highest designation available in the insurance industry, but then I became a Mommy. It changed my life and after my two wonderful boys were born I knew I wanted to stay home with them.

I took my hobbies photography (which has now become a successful career), web design and graphic art and combined all 3 of these skills and developed (Custom Designed - One of a Kind Announcements and Cards). I feel that my work is unmatched by any other in price and quality. I guarantee that you will be completely thrilled with your order.

If you happen to live locally you may want to check out my photography website. I'd love to take the photos for your cards too! My photography website is:

My Boys!!

Jacob (2 years) and Everett (4 years)
It's now 2009 - boy, do I need some updated pics of my own kids! These guys are now 5 and 7.

We own a 1980 Austin Mini Pickup Truck that we imported from England in 1996. It is of course right hand drive and very unique!!

My 1980 Austin Mini Pickup Truck

Graphic Design

I am a graphic design artist. I have been creating graphics and websites for the past 10 years. In 2005 I found my niche to be custom photo cards. I still do other graphic design work, but cards have developed into the majority of my business. If you are looking for something unique; you have found it here at I stress that my designs are unique. You will not find these designs or anything else like them anywhere. The custom designs are beautiful and elegant while still being priced competitively.

I specialize in UNIQUE invitations and announcements including:

  • Custom Photo Birth Announcements
  • Birthday Invitations
  • Christmas and Holiday Cards
  • Save the Date and Wedding Invitations
  • Thank You Cards

I also do commercial graphic and web design work. I create logos, marketing materials and websites for eBay Trading Assistants and other organizations. Below are a few samples of my work:


The logo I designed on a sign at
the customer's location.



    Site has been updated by client
Custom About Me Page for
eBay Powerseller and TA
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The Accident

When I was 19 (back in 1994) my husband (boyfriend at the time), myself and my friend were involved in a horrible accident in my best friend's mini. We were hit by a pickup truck and my friend sustained a major head injury and almost died. She was in a coma for 3 months. Thankfully she made it, but still has severe problems including balance, speech and extreme memory loss. The truck kicked us 50 feet down the road like a tin can. I had a laceration on my head (from hitting the window), partially collapsed lung, and a broken hand. Thankfully I have healed just fine. I have absolutely no memory of the accident.

My friend was driving and took the brunt of the accident. As you can see the damage is mostly to the drivers door where the truck hit. Incredibly, I still love minis and so does she, but unfortunately she will never be able to drive one again. I thank God that we all lived. My friend will never be the same, but she has a good quality life. She now lives with her mom, drives a scooter and has a couple of nice dogs. She moved out of town a few years ago with her mom, but she still comes and visits me a couple of times a year. We stay in touch by email daily.

Here are a few photos:


The truck that hit us.


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