Photo Tips

Tips for Photographing Newborns, Babies, and Children

Photo Birth Announcements, Invitations, and Cards

Tips for Photographing Newborns and Babies



Lighting Tips


Problems to Avoid

  • Use Bright Natural Light such as that by a window or patio or glass door. Natural light is beautiful most anytime of day. Try to avoid the harsh noon light.
  • If the light you are photographing in is not bright enough your pictures will be blurry from handshake.
  • Solution - use the flash, but only if you must. Natural light is much more flattering.
  • Do not use Flash, but if you must use it then turn on the other lights in the room to light the area as much as possible. This should make the flash light less harsh.
  • Using a flash makes the photo harsh and loses the softness you are trying to capture in baby/portrait photos.
  • Try to avoid photographing for your announcements at night when lamp / indoor light is necessary.
  • Using regular indoor lighting without a flash will result in photos with an overly yellowish hue. Also, if there still isn't enough light the photos will be blurry.

    Note: If you do use indoor lighting I can digitally color correct your photo to reduce the yellow tone.

Digital Camera Setting Tips
  • You can take great pictures with any camera.
  • Change the settings to the highest quality and size available.
    An image size of less than 1260 X 960 pixels may may produce an inferior image.
  • If your camera puts a date stamp on the picture, please turn it off. However, if you forget, I can removed it.

The quality of print from your digital camera or other digital file will depend largely upon the size of the image. Getting the right image size/quality setting on your camera is crucial to getting the most from your purchase. Image size directly relates to the number of pixels you capture with each shot. Image quality relates to how much compression is used on the resulting image file.

                                     PRINT SIZE
Image Size 4x6" 5x7" 6x8" 8x12" 10x15"
0.3 50k 640 x 460   Low
0.5 100k 600 x 600          
0.8 150k 1024 x 768          
1.2 200k 1260 x 960   Good
1.9 350k 1600 x 1200          
3.1 700k 2048 x 1536          
4.3 1.1MB 2400 x 1600   TOP
6.0 2MB 2832 x 2128          


Dressing your Baby and Props
  • Baby's skin is so smooth and soft and beautiful to photograph. Try taking pictures of a naked baby or one in just a diaper.
  • You can wrap your baby in your favorite baby blanket.
  • If you choose to dress the baby in clothes, try to pick something without busy prints on it.
  • If you like the look of the black and white photos with a hint of color choose a piece of clothing that has a fairly plain fabric with a few details that I could colorize. 
  • Another option is to include a teddy or a toy in the picture to colorize. As shown in the photo to the right. 
  • Put a plain sheet, blanket, or towel down to make a solid color background.

Taking the Pictures

  • Try to time the photo session when you have a happy baby even sleeping babies are beautiful!
  • Lay your baby in the natural light, get in close, and start taking lots of pictures!
  • Try a few different angles - from the side, from above, from below, from the feet, etc...
  • Get down low to baby's level.
  • Take lots of pictures! I find that I take a whole roll or about 24 digital shots and end up with one or two great photos. The more you take the better chance you have at getting "THE" shot.

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