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Hi Linda,

This is Maria, with the Winter Wonderland Christmas cards. I've been meaning to write to you, but the past month has been very hectic, finally the kids are all back in school and life is getting back to normal.......anyway, if I only had a penny for every compliment that I received on my Christmas card, I would be a very, very rich woman. It was unbelievable your work was the biggest hit of the year, I have people call me begging me to please send them a Christmas card, I had order 125 cards, giving me about 15 extra, guess what I have only ONE left over, I don't go anywhere without people bringing up the kids card! And what a coincidence that Ann went to you too! I am sure that you will be getting a lot more customers next year....................

I went to our hairdresser with the girls last Friday, and she has a tree with all the cards on it, and our card wasn't up there because someone actually stole it because they wanted your email address from the back!!!

Hope you and your loved ones have a great new year, and if you come up with any ideas for me please let me know!!!!



Hi Linda,

I received the announcements yesterday - What can I say???

Ohhh my God - they are beautiful! Thank you so much! You are truly gifted and it shows in the work that you do. I should have remembered to ask you for some extra business cards - I know EVERYONE will be asking me where I got it, but don't worry - I'll give them your website. Again, thank-you so much - it seems so insignificant - a simple thank-you compared to what you gave me. But I'm speechless for another words. I've looked at the announcement proof a million times over the past couple of day's, but actually holding it in my hand and seeing it brought tears to my eyes!

Thank-you for helping us preserve some unforgettable memories!

All the best, Raquel

P.S. You haven't heard the last of me yet - we still have some christening invitations to create ;-)

Hi Linda,

You did this announcement for me last year and I am still getting
compliments about it all the time.  Thanks again for a memorable
announcement, truly one of a kind.


I LOVE our announcements! I found Linda on Ebay. We were expecting the birth of our second child and wanted some really neat photo announcements. Once I came upon her auction, I knew I wanted her to do them for us. She even did a mock proof with our information for us prior to the birth. There was a misunderstanding about the size and Linda was able to 'keep the customer happy and satisfied'. Myself, being a 'Type A' personality, I wanted them to be perfect, so there were a lot of little 'changes' on my part. Linda made them, emailed the proofs back, time and time again. Finally, I decided and narrowed them down to two styles/ layouts. From there, since I LOVED them both, and could not decide, I ordered both layouts, they were both so beautiful! We received them priority mail and the quality is superb! Just as her site says it will be. Again, we are so happy with them. We received so many compliments on them and I have given her name out to everyone since she can do any type of photo card that you could want.

Thanks Linda!
Davie, Florida


I just have to let you know how wonderful our announcements turned out!!!  We had sooooooo many complements on them, and most people put them on their refrigerator, which was a surprise to me, since most just throw them out!  I just can't thank you enough for all the beautiful work and time you put into these for us...they are a true treasure!!!


"I just wanted to let you know I got the announcements today of Caitlyn and couldn't be more pleased. You are so talented! Thank you so much for the extra touched up photos. I can put them in frames to display now! I really appreciate all your hard work and effort to make my announcements so special. I just love them so much! I can't wait to get them in the mail to family and friends. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I can that is needing anything like this. I will keep you in mind for future needs too. You've been so professional and so nice and helpful. Thank you for making this such a pleasurable experience. I left good feedback for you at ebay. Thanks a million!" Lisa


"Hi Linda, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful announcements. Since I have sent them out my phone has not stopped ringing from everyone saying how great they are and where did I get them done, that they had never seen anything so neat before. Thanks again and I will pass on your information to all my fellow pregnant friends!" Amber


"I love them all! They are perfect !!! I have another grand baby due in Oct. (this one a girl) and I will be sure to contact you again! You have created just what I wanted. I want to order 120 of them." Yvette



"Hi Linda. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the announcements. They're beautiful. Also, thank you for the 5x7, so sweet. I'm now thinking about our Christmas cards. Everyone one loves them, in fact my sister Tanya is due in February and is going to use your services, along with my friends Kim and Ellen. So I will pass along your contact information, and you can expect something from them soon. I'm telling you, the announcements are a hit. Thank you again." Ellie

Client asked for announcement not to be displayed on website for privacy purposes.

"OH MY GOSH!!!!! I cried when I saw this proof!!! You did an OUTSTANDING job and I canít thank you enough!!! This is my ďOKĒ that youíve been waiting for. We canít wait to share the announcements! I know there wonít be enough room on eBayís feedback to say all I want to say, but I am definitely going to leave you a positive!!!! Thanks again for everything!" Georgia


"Hello I just wanted to let you know that I received the announcements and ohhhh my they are perfect. You have the greatest announcements not only are they one of a kind, creative, and high quality but you yourself are a A+ Seller and woman. I would recommend these to anyone!" Thanx again Christina!


Love Them... I can't even BEGIN to tell you how many compliments I have gotten on my holiday cards!  Thank you!  I was thinking of an idea for thank you notes for my son's first birthday.  We'll talk after Christmas! Have a great holiday! Carolee


I cried this morning when I saw this proof of Lizzie Kat!  I just can't believe how beautiful the announcement is, and you said you were just playing around...WOW!!!  I'm almost afraid to send you any other photos because they will be done just as well, and then I'll have to choose one to send!  OK, so do you offer VOLUME discounts?!?!?  I may not be able to choose just one, and I'll need at least 100, unless I double up and end more than one to each person...what a dilemma!  I should be getting the other disc with the photos either today or tomorrow, and I'll send my other favorites then!
Thank you so much, Lianne


Hi Linda,

I am not sure if you would remember our order of birth announcements or not. But anyway with the upcomming holiday season I would like to request some of your business cards to hand out to friends, indoor playcenters we go to, etc... I would also like to know what is the latest we can order chirtmas cards? My husband is out of town till around Thanksgiving. I would like to have family cards and don't know if we with have enough time to get them done or not.

Thank you for your time,


P.S. I am still getting compliments on our birth announcements(several months later). :) You did an absolute fantastic job!!


Linda, for your comments book... I have no issues with you putting it on your website.

It is unanimous: People absolutely loved the work you did.  Let me know if you
want any more comments.. I have a few. They are all complimentary. I think you do amazing work. Odile

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From: Susie
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 10:29 PM
To: Greg Home; Odile
Subject: FW: Beautiful Grand daughter

Hi:  Just got this e-mail and have had two phone calls today re: your birth announcement==Edie and Sue & Bill.  They LOVE it...and Phyllis sums up the sentiments. Yes, I don't know how many extra you have...but if you have a bunch, I would like four or five more to give out...I didn't put Grace, or Anne, or Dorothy & Bill on the list, plus a couple more people who want to know more.  So...
Love, Moi

-----Original Message-----
From: Phyllis
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 9:34 PM
To: Susie
Subject: Beautiful Grand daughter

Hi Susie.....I received Greg & Odile's birth announcement today and I think it is the most beautiful one I've ever seen.  What photography (Greg's I'm sure) to catch that angelic look on Odile's face with the focus on Miriam's first few moments.  I truly loved it.  I will send a card to them and thank them for their thoughtfulness in sending me one. I love having it in English and French.  Really nice!

 Dearest Odile!
Wow! what a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! We just got your card today, I am really emotional about the card  you sent us, what a beautiful idea, the two of you, your face is that of a happy mommy. It sure is wonderful, now enjoy the moments so dearest to the heart, everyday will be a very special day of seeing her grow. Many, many hugs from Dan and I


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